Cut your own wood, SAVE MONEY!

@evansd2 turned me on to this tool, it is invaluable to help cut clean glowforged sized pieces of wood and its on sale at amazon

this is NOT an affiliate link, I make no money on this!



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Gift idea for the win! :grinning:

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Bora guides are similar, but the one I am familiar with is a single LONG guide which clamps to the wood. (The guide disassembles into segments.)


That is a great tool–loads of new track saws & other ways to ensure a straight cut out that is faster set up on the market now! Indeed nicer than the old tape measure, straight edge and clamps and tape measure again, shift, retighten, and oops, forgot to account for the offset of the blade from saw’s foot edge… recut, and repeat.

I have that somewhere, but really want to cut a 4/4 x 12 into six at least 1/8x12 semi smooth sheets as hoisting around 4’ x8’ sheets is a pain in any case, but finding thin and wide wood is also an expensive pain, even when possible.

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I have tried many methods for this, and personally have determined that it is substantially faster for me to slide the 8x4 boards through the tablesaw. I would love the wall saw that they have at Home Depot but no basement no attic, so the garage can support it.

That at HD or Lowes is the saw I use if I am spending a hundred dollars or more where it is cut for free (and it does not pay to spend less with all the difficulties of just being there) I just let them cut the wood to 19"x48" slices that are 5 to a sheet. I have determined that I will mark it with masking tape to have less splitting, but I have not bought any since coming up with the idea.

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