Cute Spice Jars

I FINALLY got mine completed! I wish I had the metal lids, I ended up with plastic…and not enough lids somehow (Post-a-note to order extra lids in the morning)…so glad I finally got enough jars (just not enough lids) and got them engraved…able to mark with a big checkmark that off my list. Thanks for the inspiration!


Awesome! Can we see a picture? :slight_smile:

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Of course! So still have 5 more that once I get lids will fill out the bottom shelf. The names are easier to see up close. I was thinking of a free hanging shelf but jeesh the ones I found online were $250 for ones that looked sturdy enough.

The shelving they are in I bought at the Container Store (Elfa shelving that hang on the door). Thank you for the link to the jars. One thing I learned is that my GF does not like the slightly larger jars.

HUGE shout out to @marmak3261 for helping me out on the jig…that saved me a TON of time.


Now that you have a SNAPMARKS jig it will be easy. :wink:. Thanks friend for helping us with the jig!!

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very nice

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!!

I don’t understand about the thin film of dish soap. how do you do that?

Just rub a glop (I think that’s the technical term) of straight, no water, dish washing soap on the area that is being engraved. I thought it was weird at first but it helps. Also be sure to rinse, not rub, the soap off of the piece there will most likely be little grains of glass imbedded in it.


I used the dishsoap film on my shot glasses worked like a charm.

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Great! Thank you so much


I am noticing after 1 1/2 years of using these jars that the engraving is starting to wear off on my jars we use the most frequently. I wonder if we should have put a resin coating over that engraved area? I’ve not used resin, but I don’t think a spray varnish would last either. THOUGHTS???

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I Am Four ? Good movie too.

No, it was a dystopian future-type series of books, I can’t come up with the names right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

From what I have seen it is easy to make a mark on glass, but it may only be a cracked layer, which can flake off and make an irregular appearance over time. The best mark is from digging in to the glass a bit more, and removing all the loose, cracked layers… That seems to take 2-3 passes and some picking at the engraved area to remove glass that was loosened, but didn’t come out on its own.

Here’s what I mean… the lighter part is fractured glass that hasn’t let go completely. The darker area is entirely free of hazy, cracked glass. Depending on the laser settings, the lighter area may be removable with a pick, or it may be bonded too tightly to scratch off… but it may flake off over time.


Every kind of glass I have tried has responded a bit differently, too. It isn’t easy to get this perfect.

I am not sure how to stabilize an engraving that wasn’t done to that standard. A clear spray lacquer is worth a try.


Are you thinking of Divergent?

That’s it!

I am going to see if I still have one of the jars I experimented on first to try out some different settings. I’m wondering how Cermark would hold up in comparison. Thanks for the visual.

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