Cutlery Drawer Insert

My wife and I have had our glowforge for a while. We’ve made the standard ruler, and experimented with the proofgrade material. We knew at one point we wanted to make something bigger, something practical. My wife suggested a new cutlery tray to replace the big ugly plastic tray which our cutlery didn’t quite fit in. We made some tests out of cardboard. Here is our end result.

Beside our new glowforge, this project required a new toy, a band saw. I purchased some 4/4 poplar and cherry (10" and 9" widths) from our local hardwood dealer. I then took some time to get acquainted with our new band saw before I re-sawed the board, planed, and sanded them. At the end, our boards ended up being 0.32in thick. We cut and layered the boards, 6 layers of poplar and 1 layer of cherry on the top.

It took about a week of our time, but we were doing it after work and letting the glued layers dry over night. I added a oil finish to the cherry and everything got a few coats of spray lacquer for added protection. All in all, it looks great and fits the cutlery perfectly.

The only problem is that we now want to organized the remaining kitchen supplies to match.


Oh wow, that is so much nicer than plastic! Beautiful job! :grinning:

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Super nice work! I’m inspired.

It’s beautiful! Your first photo is so perfect I thought it was a 3D rendering.

Omg he even made a spot for chop sticks.


That is the creative curse in action.

Sometimes a simple thing, like moving a picture to another wall and BOOM, now you are repainting walls, laying new carpet, and buying better pattern match furniture.

I know all about this, and yet still think it is a good idea to TRY something now and again.


Man, I love this so much! Practical projects really get my gears turning.


Outstanding work! Beautiful and functional. :sunglasses:

@brokendrum, yes, change a switch plate or doorknob and initiate a cascade that results in a new interior.

I want to make new switch plates for our house, but I’m a little afraid of what that will blossom into.

Switches in our house are not obvious as to what they control and it confuses guests. We’ve been there 10 years, and there are two that I STILL don’t know what they do!


Sometimes those mystery switches are for an option that might not be installed, like a ceiling fan. Sometimes they control an outlet in the room. If it is for an outlet, the one controlled is usually mounted upside down, so the ground prong is different from the rest.

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Pretty sure we’ve found all of the outlet controlled ones. We have some of those. One of them is in a room with a ceiling fan and it’s not to that. It’s a mystery. :wink:

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Not necessarily uncommon.
Had a friends brother who wanted me to assist with a bathroom ceiling fan (electrical things terrified him). The wires looked a bit short and hard to reach. It seemed a simple fix, so I pulled new wire from box across the hall to fan. While up there I saw a connection box not tied to anything, and mentioned it to him.

He showed me an oddity that he said he has lived with since the house was built 20 years earlier. Reaching into the bedroom next to the bath he turned on the switch. The bathroom light lit up. The switch in bathroom did nothing.
Apparently they pulled the wrong switch box to the bathroom light.

Turned into a Saturday project. Ended up fixing the vent fan, giving the bathroom a proper light switch, and added a fan with a light (from the wall switch) into the bedroom ceiling.

Was told they hated on me for a little while, (until motor memory wore down). Appears the whole family was still turning on the bedroom light to go to the bathroom months later.


We have one switch in our master bath that seems to go nowhere, along with the GFCI that seems to not be connected to anything.

That’s awesome!

We have row of triple switches in a couple of rooms. To me, they are wired in reverse (right should be the left one and vise versa). At this point I don’t dare change them. The wife would hate me for months.

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Everything exactly inot’s place! Swoon…

My paternal grandfather redid the shower at my parents house many years ago. He was left-handed. Hot water on the right and cold on the left. Still not sure why his handedness mattered, but it stayed that way for years until the bathroom had to be redone.

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Your place too? Mine are mostly all double switches but they are all, the closest light is on the farthest switch. What?

Kitchen triple: first(closest) is the overhead lighting, second is the island light, third(farthest)…is the dining room light behind me? on the other side of the kitchen is a small nook headed outside. Looking back into the kitchen, first (closest switch) is for the kitchen? and the second is for the light in the nook behind me?

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It’s like whoever wired the place up just played wire roulette with the switches.

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I really think it was all on purpose though. Every room I’m constantly turning on the fans instead of the lights!

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This is awesome. I need something just like this.