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Hello everyone.
I haven’t received my Glowforge Pro yet (Feb 12th estimated ship date). But I thought I would get a head start on creating things to print in Illustrator. My question is the will the attached cutout as 1 piece or do I need to erase the lines attaching the letters.

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That will cut each letter separately.

Edit: Actually, that is a PNG, so it would only engrave that image. There would be no cutting.

I threw it into the GFUI and added a border for cutting. Here is the result:
(Discourse removes bitmaps from SVGs, so here is a ZIP) (56.1 KB)


The laser will follow those lines so every single letter will cut out. If you want them to stay a single unit you have to unionize them together with whatever software you are using.


If you haven’t seen the getting started guide, there is a section on how to design for the laser that can probably answer a lot of questions that you might have.

In addition I have a post that you might find interesting, reading through this might give you a real jumpstart on GF stuff.

I know, reading isn’t much fun when you just want to make stuff, but I promise that this is all good stuff and the time you spend reading now will pay you back for years. :slight_smile:

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Hey Thanks Man…


Hey Bill, This will cutout as one object right?
Asset 6


Yes! That looks like it should work!

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