Cuts not lining up

I have been working with support for 11 days now and keep getting passed over to another person! I am currently on my 5th support tech.
My problem is when I cut Thick draftboard, the cut doesn’r line up from the start to the finish. From where the cut starts and then completes, it’s slightly off. Support cals it a bump, and has not been able to help me. I have proper belt tension, none of the wheels are cracked, optics are clean, fans are clean, connections are good.
It happens when I am cutting anything in thick draftboard.
I have a Plus model.
I am getting frustrated, because support is simply too slow. It always takes 3-4 days before they respond and then I get another person and they always have me try the same things.

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Is it horizontal or vertical, or both? I don’t know if this will help, but if it were mine (I have a Plus), I’d be looking at the teeth for all the belts. Even a small gouge or sliver will cause a ‘bump’ and offset the path (I think). If the tension on the belts is uneven (assuming vertical cut, LH vs RH belt tension), you may see a vertical offset.

Sorry for the frustration, and I hope you find the solution.

Hey, another thing: can you make the same cuts of medium draftboard? How does it come out? Do you hear anytthign when you are cutting thick draftboard? Does the same thing happen with other thick materials? If you cut slower, or faster, do the same problems exist? I’m thinking belt wheels having drag on one side vs the other.

My apologies if you’ve already tried these things. I’ve found problems by hearing the difference. I do have an external fan for outside venting; my environment is not as noisy as when I used the built-in fan.


When I use Med draftboard the cuts are fine. I really inspected the belts and wheels and found nothint. When they told me to cut the GOGM, it came out fine in med draft board. I didn’t try it in the thick, but I will do that today.

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Just because I’m a contrary person, I would also try cutting medium draftboard with the thick settings, and thick draftboard with the medium settings. (Humor me here, it’s a way of confirming it isn’t the material.) Now, try OTHER settings. make a custom cut setting for the thick and see what happens. This way you can determine if it’s physical (the machine independent of other factors) or if there’s an electronic element as well.

I would make a whole host of cut combinations to see where the miss-cut does not happen. (I’m assuming you haven’t already done this–if you have, you are already 10 steps ahead of me.)

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I forgot to mention, that it does it in either X and Y.
I drew a rectangle in Inkscape and cut one and rotated the rectangle and cut another and it still does it. I even tried it with rounded corners and the allignment is still off. It’s off by just a little, but it is noticeable.

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I’ll try it later today. Thanks for the tip!

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ohhh, interesting. when you make cuts, by how many degrees is it off? Like, do a 10" straight vert and another horizontal, then measure how far the endpoints are off.

(I’m just throwing stuff at the wall, hoping something sticks. You never know what oddball ideas will help find the solution.)

I have cut 10.5" circles and the alignment is off where the laser finishes the cut. I also cut a 9x9 square and it’s still there.
I sould say the cut is about .004 off.

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Good start. Make straight cuts independent of each other, to isolate the X and Y axes.

Personally, at this point I would untighten all belts, lightly wipe all wheels with a cloth, remove belts and inspect, then reinstall everything. tighten all the wheels as much the same way as you can, then test the X and Y axes again.

Do you always seat the head at the far back left before you turn on the GF? I understand if the starting point isn’t correct, you will have location problems further down the line.

Document, document, document. This way if Support asks you to do this (without other actions like washing a belt or lubing something), you can show that on _____date and ____time you cut ____test and results were “x”.

Question to other readers: if the belts were not exactly alike lengthwise, would it result in this sort of problem?

Checked your air assist fan scoop? Is it the thickness of the material that is the issue here?

Is your crumb tray properly in the indents? If not the tray would be high and medium think material might hit your scoop.


THIS may help, Like the lady feeding someone chicken soup
“It couldn’t hurt”

I did a recalibrate tonight and it improved somewhat!
I put an x on a piece of med draftboard and tried to do a score on the X. No matter what I do, I can’t get any closer than 1/8" Is this normal??

Machine specs are to 1/4", so, yes.

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