Cutting 3 sides of a rectangle

Is there anyway to cut only 3 sides of a rectangle? I want to cut an acrylic piece that needs to be 4 in x 24 in. Planning on using pass through. but cannot think of away to only cut 3 sides of a rectangle.

Yes, you can use single lines for cutting.


It’s easy to do by breaking your path up and color coding them to be used independently, as well.

If you tell us what software you use, someone can give specific-ish instructions.

If you share the art you’re trying to use, we can get very specific.

Also there are guides to using the passthrough if you dig through the forum. It’s a bit of a hack process ,because glowforge hasn’t released any true passthrough software yet.

Jules herself (see above) did at least one writeup, check it…


In Inkscape you make your rectangle, select it and then go to Path -> Object to Path. Click on the Edit Path by Nodes tool, select the fourth side and click on it. The nodes on each end of the fourth side will now be highlighted. Click on the Delete Segment Between Two End-Points icon. You now have a three-sided rectangle.

If you don’t want to delete the fourth side. You could click on the two endpoints and then click on the Break Path at Selected Nodes icon. Then go to Path->Break Apart. This will break your rectangle into three sides and a single side. Select the single side and make it a different color. In the GFUI ignore the operation for the fourth side.

The above was easy. Aligning material using the pass through without Snapmarks is more involved. Not impossible, but definitely more difficult than this.

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