Cutting a circle in half to make a bigger circle with 2 wood pieces

i need to make know how to cut a shape in half …to use 2 half shapes to make a bigger shape.

Which design software are you using? (It cannot be done in the GF directly)

I’m still learning Adobe Illustrator, so I took my understanding of your question and tested myself in Illustrator… I made a video if that’s helpful:

Was this what you had in mind?


If so, they key is basically the all-powerful Pathfinder tools.


  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw a rectangle covering half the circle
  • Select both shapes
  • Use “Divide” (Effect > Pathfinder > Divide)
  • Delete extra shapes (easiest from the layers panel)



Unless you have a Pro, as that is where they shine most.
in inkscape you can easily use this…

I meant you can’t break a shape in half in the GFUI, hence the question about which design software OP is using …

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