Cutting a dashed line instead of straight, help!

Hi! I’m using affinity designer
on iPad. I’m trying to get this to cut straight but it keeps coming out as dashed. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I checked on AD and the stroke is straight.


Here it is cut:


Have you tried applying settings to the operation?

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Yes! I only screenshot this with no settings to show that dashed line. When I apply settings it shows it as solid, but when cut it’s dashed still.

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The cut lines now show in the UI as dashed lines. It was changed in the last update to the UI interface. Here’s a partial shot of a cut file of mine…made in AD on my desktop machine.

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 7.02.31 PM

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That makes sense. But it’s still cutting dashed lines for me.

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I’m confused then. Is it actually cutting through each dash? Or is it scoring or engraving each one? Can you take a screen shot of your settings to post here, please?

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I have it on the cut setting. It’s cutting like it’s a dashed line. I put a picture of what the cut actually looks like up top. I’ve done it for 2 prototype trial runs and they both are dashed cuts. I am confused too lol.

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I’ve also done it on leather at first. I thought my settings were off so I made each do a second pass. I ended up burning the edges of each piece. Now I know why I thought it didn’t cut through, it’s because it’s cutting as a dashed line that I didn’t realize until I used cardboard.

If you’d like to attach your file here I’d be happy to look at it in my AD app.

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How do I do that? I thought I did and ended up as a pic instead

I use a Mac, so I don’t know if you’re using windows. If using Mac, right click and compress file. I used to have an iPad but never used for designing.

I’m using an iPad right now. But also have a Mac.

can you air drop it or something to your Mac and try zipping it from there and adding to this thread?

sample (3.2 KB)

Also, even the circles are dashed.

OK. Try this one. Not sure why you had so many ‘groups’ in such a simple design, but I ungrouped them both and it seems to be the way it should be. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 7.48.25 PM

sample (3.2 KB)

I’m not sure why either lol. I had to redo it a lot and must have forgotten to ungroup. Let me try printing it.

I moved this thread over to the Everything Else catagory since it’s not really something that support can help with.

Thank you. So it seems to have definitely helped! For some reason when I cut as a PDF it cuts more dashed, but as an SVG it’s smooth. I didn’t realize the grouping had so much to do with it.

You’re welcome, glad it worked.