Cutting a hole half way through on purpose

I want to cut/engrave a hole half-way into a 1/16" thick piece of basswood in order to seat a 1/16 inch wire into the wood without it showing on the other side. Does anyone know what kind of a setting I would use?

Thanks in advance.


That’s something that’s going to vary between pieces of wood - here: Has anyone been cutting 0.37-0.40 material? is a test pattern that you can load into your GFUI and keep for whenever you need to answer a question like this. The first time you load it you’re going to need to program each of the steps to do what it says, but then as long as you don’t delete it, it’ll be there for future material.

You see how the circles are cut off on the bottom on that test piece? You place those over the edge of your wood and run the test, and then you can brush out the holes and figure out exactly which power gets you the depth you want.

Good luck!


You simply need to test with different settings on a piece of scrap material. Start by reducing settings that do go all the way thru.

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First you make a circle (or square or whatever shape you want to set the wire in) and set it to a solid fill color and no stroke color. You can do this in any of the vector editor programs (Inkscape, AI, Affinity Designer, CorelDraw). Then you load it into the glowforge UI and start to experiment with the settings for speed, power and lpi. I’d start with something like medium maple hardwood, cut the power in half and see what happens. It will take a few tries to get what you want.


engrave is the answer. see above for tips on getting it right.


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