Cutting a Picture Frame with Engraving

I’m working on some scale picture frames (think 1:12 and 1:48). I can figure out that I need several different rectangles, one for the outside frame line, one for the inside frame line (so I have an empty middle), and one that engraves a line right in the middle of the outside and inside lines of the frame. I draw and size my shapes (rectangle) and choose no fill, though I did set a stroke line color (so I can see my three rectangles). How do I save the SVG (or use Fills) so that my Glowforge recognizes the line I want engraved instead of cut? I’ll end up with 2 cut lines and 1 engrave line. The engraved line needs to be almost as thin as a hair in the case of 1:48.

I may not be explaining this very well.

You should be able to choose engrave on the line you need engraved. Even if it comes up as ‘cut’, you can change this to an engrave. If you need it really thin, a score would probably be a better option.

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Every different color will present on the left side panel as a different operation so you can control how that piece is addressed - if I understand your intent.

Thank you both. I probably need to score because these frames are small and the line I want engraved will be very fine. I’m going to cut a test file of them out this weekend and see how things go.

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Definitely score - so setting the three rectangles identically in your art, and then manually change the one to a score in the GFUI. So far only the designs that come from :glowforge: can auto-set scores (because they program it on the back end).

Thanks. I tried drawing something up in Glowforge itself, but the interface kind of sucks. (I do have a subscription).

The Premium tools aren’t meant for deep design, just folks who want a quick way to do things. This is like a 2 minute job in Inkscape :slight_smile:

That being said, in Premium you’d open 3 boxes, use the ruler to get them to the correct size, the alignment tool to line them up, and then the commands on the left to set the center one to score…seems like it would go pretty simply.

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