Cutting adhesive tackle twill

How to cut tackle twill

Are you asking how to cut tackle twill? I am not sure what the settings are for it, but you might find some settings in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. Just do a Search.

I moved this to “beyond the manual” where you’re more likely to get advice.

Your title contains the word “adhesive”. Perhaps you meant “advice” or perhaps you’re asking about self-adhesive tackle twill types that are good for lasers.

From what I can tell, there are quite a variety of materials that are sold as “tackle twill”. Some may be ok to laser (perhaps the all polyester) and some would be definitely bad (PVC, often sold as just “vinyl” creates a corrosive gas when lasered).

There are some info on doing appliques on this site (search on “applique”), but I don’t think I’ve run across anybody mentioning “tackle twill” specifically yet.

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yes I’m asking how to cut tackle twill with adhesive backing for pressing the material on tshirts. I will search beyond the manual Thanks

Epilog has a tutorial for appliques, and recommends this stuff, and here is the info sheet which specifies that it is laser-safe.