Cutting board for the person that likes bbq

Made a design, based partly on the free design for kitchen conversions, however I added in some bits to show the cuts of steak/pigs/chicken and lamb.

Looks pretty groovy!

cutting board - conversions

This svg has the lines expanded and the words cut out of the main shape to make it engrave better on the glow forge. Harder to edit the cows/etc if you want to make changes…

cutting board - conversions



I really like the animal silhouettes—thank you!


I really like that you included an internal temperature for Ice Cream.


Thanks for sharing! This is unique and unusual! I too like the added bit about ice cream, lol.


The ingredients and cook times are a great idea. Very nice design too. :blush:

Where is the ice cream critter? :ice_cream:

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That’s awesome/ thanks!!!

Thank you

how do I find the SVG?

If you right click on the image, you should get a pop up window offering you options of how to save the file. :slight_smile:

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I had to open in inkscape then save it for the words and measurements to show in the GlowForge pro

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