Cutting Board Quick Gifts - Always a winner

I’ve made several of these but always forget to take a picture. It’s not a great picture, but at least I remembered to take it this time, and the gift was a hit :slight_smile: .


Fantastic! I forgot to take pictures of the 30+ items I did for a fair :sunglasses:


Nice. Did you use masking?:+1:

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It’s very pretty! :grinning:

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That’s a lovely design. Easy to switch it up for different recipients.

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Especially love the decor items … lovely!

I haven’t done any cutting boards yet … a dear friend is getting married in October … so, it will soon be time!

No, not on that one. I was in a hurry. I just washed it with some alcohol and a soft brush after. Still left a little bit of a smudge, but no one ever seems to notice.

Great job!

Edit: Did you do anything in particular to make sure it was centered on the board? Cut out a cardboard reference jig or anything? I’m still looking for a good process.

Not really. I’m extra careful to put the board right under the camera, and I never try to get too close to the edges :slight_smile: My camera seems to be worse than most so I’ve learned to be shy. I should probably print a jig, but I can also be lazy (or procrastinated myself into a jam :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

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I find myself much in the same predicament.

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Always a winner

Not so sure about that. Last Christmas was a big cutting board year for us. And while I was engraving them I asked my Wife “So… What the heck are we going to give to everybody next year?” :slight_smile:


Where do you get your cutting board?

I’d like to know about the power and speed used on that bamboo cutting board engrave.
Is there already a setting?
Also, do you remove the metal tray part due to the cutting board thickness too?
Thank you.


It’s the third year when things get tricky.


But I was just thinking we’ll do that for my Dad for Father’s Day this year!


what kind of wood is that and what settings did you use?

very nice !