Cutting cotton fabric

Still using my Glowforge to cut out the applique pieces for quilts. All the appliques on these quilts were cut from cotton fabric. Sure saves a lot of time.


Smashing! Wonderful colours.

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Wow. I didn’t know quilts could be so colorful. I mean color, yes, but that is lots and lots of color.

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Those are some amazing works of art, right there.

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Awesome Work!! I am guessing for the combined artwork of Texas… Spring Chicken. I love the colors. You are a true artisan!


Those are beautiful.

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The second one!

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Very nice work.
Thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful! What a thrill to finish such a piece! I love this particularly because of the Yellow Rose of Texas. My mother was born there, and yellow roses give me fond memories of her.

I have a snowman block wall hanging with lots of tiny details that I’ve been meaning to get started on. Bought the material 6 years ago in preparation for retirement. :slight_smile:

Oh yes, and I must not forget the farm wall hanging. Yikes!

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Any advice for someone who wants to do this? I just got my glowforge and I want to know how to cut fabric.

Yup! Use the search function at the top of every page.

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What were your settings for cutting the cotton?
Wishing you well!

So three points:

1- the OP hasn’t posted in a few years so not likely to get a response.
2- forum policy is that any topic with non-proof grade settings can only be posted in the #beyond-the-manual (glowforge has really paranoid lawyers apparently)
3- while not for this project, many others have cut various thicknesses and types of cottons that you can :mag: search for from the the top any page. You can even focus the search on #beyond-the-manual as that’s where any settings people have used can be found.

Oh and 4-

Welcome to the community!

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I have been using speed 500, power 70. Since I am using these as fusible applique pieces they are backed with fusible before I cut them in the glowforge. I adhere the fabric to a board with a repositionable adhesive spray to keep things from blowing around. Some colors of fabric need a little more or less power to cut cleanly.



Could you post a picture of your set up? Would love to see the fabric set up in your machine. I also do appliqué quilts.

I cut 100% cotton fabric perfectly at 500/60. No burning, frays etc… It’s super convenient! Just make sure to accurately measure your fabric’s thickness, as it varies quite a bit…



What were the fabric settings that you used? Did you have any problem with the fabric moving on the crumb tray?
Thank you

The OP gave settings 4 posts above yours.

Thank you