Cutting davey board



Hello glowfolk,

Are there any book-binders in the house?
Has anyone tried cutting davey board with a PRU yet?

Google has some links of people successfully getting theirs laser-cut and I’m wondering if that could work well with a :glowforge:.

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Looks like a question for @bridget.

If it is made of natural pulp fibers, I can’t see why it wouldn’t cut very well. I’ve done some .15" chipboard and the Glowforge cuts it easily.

Here is one link discussing it saving others a search.


This post might be of interest:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending June 3, 2017

thanks for sharing, i would’ve missed this otherwise, and i tend to enjoy glenn’s thoughts on a few things.


I loved the article! It would be interesting to know if the machine he was using had the lower power settings available that let you do engraving on paper, or was he using the same build as the PRU units.


He was using low power settings.




zomg, that’s lovely… thanks!


I’m going to give this one a body swerve.
Any answer would be pure conjecture as I don’t have a laser cutter yet.


Understood. Just thought you might be able to give us a first hand understanding of Davey board as it is used in book binding and what it is made of. Materials composition really is the key to knowing how it will work with a laser. I had to look it up just to see what the heck it was! I just am amazed at how much you can learn on this forum with so many experts in their fields.


@dan posted a great article above which answered a lot of my questions. The rest will have to wait until :glowforge: arrives