Cutting files

Is there any other way, besides Inkscape, to import fonts or images and be able to cut them? I have been using procreate, but no matter what type of file I use, I can only engrave.

Whatever you use the file must be a SVG (scalable vector graphic) in order for the machine to cut. Any program that can create that should work.


Do you know of any other options to create svgs besides Inkscape?

Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Silhouette Studio Business Edition, Affinity Designer to name a few

The Glowforge app itself can make text and images to cut, and add cut lines around images you already have using the outline button.

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I myself use inkscape but a search on here will bring up other options. One is AI (Adobe Illustrator).


Your line needs to be a vector to cut or score. Maybe this will help: Glowforge Interface - Vector Files Made Easy 🤔