Cutting foil heat transfer paper

Hey all! I’m making medals for a race and want to make some gold, silver and bronze. I’ve had great success with scoring to create the boundaries of the foil I’m laying down, but for this project it’s the ‘frame’ of the piece being foiled. This means that the outer edges are cut rather than scored. The cutting seems to make the edges a little ragged and singed. They get a little discolored and don’t looks as clean as the scored edges.
Has anyone had experience with working around the damage caused to the foil in a cut? And do you have advice for me? Thank you in advance

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I’ve only engraved on silver laser foil.

Try a score just inside the cut line. Maybe that will give you the clean look you want.

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I’ve never used foil so I don’t know how it’s applied, but is there a way to design around it? (Like maybe leaving a small, unfinished lip on the very outer edge of the frame so the foil doesn’t have to be cut.)

Yeah I was hoping not to do that but I’ll try it out. It’s just becoming such a fussy project! I’d really hoped to not add more steps to it.

Been there done that and can totally sympathize. :slight_smile: Hopefully someone with experience chimes in, but I don’t remember a lot of threads about foil, so you might have a long wait. I do recall a Facebook post that had a good video and info about using fol, but darn if I can remember where it was. Good luck!

Was it this one? :wink:

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No, it was one where she makes a hummingbird (maybe?) using copper looking foil. (Or something like that, it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Johnson Plastic Plus ( sells “Laser Foil” in a range of colors. I have a roll of red, green, black and gold. Like in the picture, above. I think they were $35/per. But they come in a 6"x25’ roll, so the price seemed pretty fair to me…

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Yes this is where I’ve ordered mine from as well. I have 5 different colors!

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