Cutting Glittered Surfaces

I am trying to find the fastest way to produce some Christmas ornaments (I’m a rank beginner). Some of the ornaments involve glitter and I was wondering if it is possible to apply glitter onto the ornament with wet paint onto the wood surface prior to cutting it… If so, can I seal with Mod Podge prior to cutting or can I mask with tape to try and keep the glitter from escaping?

I have discovered that glitter hides a lot of flaws (especially weeding scratches) and want to capitalize on that! One of the ornaments is a snowflake with words engraved and I would love to cover it in white glitter before engraving so that I don’t get a bunch of glitter into the engraved words which I want to fill with paint…

I appreciate any advice I get!


Polyester glitter is a probably. Glass glitter is a probably not.

There are lots of glitter acrylics and papers, people have talked about cutting them before… would seem to be the same idea.

For more:

And also anything you add to your material might change the settings you need to use. A good material test after you do it will be needed. Check out #6 if you haven’t seen it:


In general I would apply the glitter after all the Glowforging is finished. Much glitter is mica based and will in some amount deflect the laser beam making a rough cut. I purchased some acrylic with the mica in it and that piece was almost impossible to cut for that reason though the mica pieces were unusually large.

There are times when painting and then cutting is the best way to go but I do not think that should be one of those times.


I would keep a shop vac nearby and give the Glowforge a good vacuuming afters, of your Glowforge will turn into the love shack (glitter on the motor, glitter on the fan belt, glitter in the laser) The Glorwforge is a little old laser, we all create stuff (glowforge, baby glowforge)

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