Cutting Glued-up Wood Panel

I’ve been asked to make a sign, but in order to get the right size panel I will have to join to smaller boards to make a 10 x 16 board. Question is, will the laser cut through the seam or will it leave a line. I will be using Titebond II.

There will probably be a slight variation depending on how even your joinery is, but I suspect not much more than the variation caused by wood grain.

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Thanks. I’m on my way to joint the boards now. :slight_smile:

I was just conjecturing on the laser behavior on the glue up, but your reply reminded me of the other consideration of safety. Titebond II has aluminum chloride in it which I have no idea whether that is safe for your laser cutter. Probably not, but it’s not clear what quantity you’ll hit considering you won’t likely be hitting the seam along the seam for a cut. Probably Titebond I is preferable. Sorry, shoulda thought of that angle earlier.


Perhaps check other wood glue makers as well, Gorilla has a pretty good standard type wood glue in addition to the more well known type of Gorilla glue?