Cutting Jewellery foam pads

Hi all!

Just wondering if anyone could advise if this is likely to be safe to cut?
It’s the foam stuff you get inside jewellery boxes for earrings and necklaces etc with the velvety layer on top?
I’ve cut a couple before considering this and it cuts lovely but I’m worried about it being toxic and the only info I have is it’s a ‘polyester type foam’?
Thanks in advance. X

It is not safe to cut material that you are not certain of its content. Best to find out exactly what is in a material before cutting, than to accidentally cut something unsafe and ruin your machine and risk your health.


See if you can find a supplier for it and then get the SDS from them. Better to be safe than sorry.


Polyester is generally ok to laser, but like everyone’s saying, “polyester type” is not the most precise description of the material.

If you find out it’s polyester foam, I’d personally have no problem cutting it, but as with any foam I’d watch it carefully for flames. Be ready to stop a small fire before it gets too big, foams can be quite flammable.