Cutting Lego's

Sorry Folks, I am new to this and I am not sure the procedure for asking how to do something. I tried finding a thread that discussed this but was unable too.

I am looking to cut a lego baseboard. Has anyone tried this and if so, what settings did you use?

Thank you!

I believe Legos are ABS plastic. Here is what one Google entry said about that product.

ABS does not cut well in a laser cutter. It tends to melt rather than vaporize, and has a higher chance of catching on fire and leaving behind melted gooey deposits on the vector cutting grid. … Cutting ABS plastic emits hydrogen cyanide, which is unsafe at any concentration.Feb 14, 2019


Damn. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up. Manually cutting it is!

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Yup. Painful to step on, bad for your GF.


It will take some playing, but I bet you can start with PG acrylic and engrave the lego dots. (Engrave an area but leave the circles at full height.) I’m sure you can look up the circle size and spacing. And with engrave, kerf shouldn’t be a huge issue.

This is not the same as cutting Lego baseboards (a fire and hazardous gas hazard), but will allow you to create your own custom baseboards.


LOL, when I first read that I was thinking baseboard around the wall by the floor.
which made ZERO sense.

upon reading a little more, then I realized you were talking about base plates.

honestly I think it would be easier to buy them.

I think I was having a flashback from putting 1100 sq feet of LVP flooring down a year ago.

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I like that. Thanks

Seth Guren
STEM Coordinator, Health, Art & Entrepreneurship Teacher

I’ve moved this to Beyond the Manual, as it’s where we should discuss non-Proofgrade materials, and where others should be looking for settings (or, in this case, warnings.)

Note that 3D printed legos are quite popular. There are a ton of different generators on Thingiverse, for example.

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sometimes I would like some lego Baseboard in my kids playroom. might make pickup easier, sweep it to the edge and unclick it all. :slight_smile:


pure genius :slight_smile:

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