Cutting Metal

It’s a FAQ and, we know that metal doesn’t cut on a Glowforge. I stumbled on this service that laser cuts metal, though. Design skills and files should transfer.

Thought it might be useful for occasional low-volume use.


Thanx, no one person can have every possible tool so there is zero shame in farming out a job once in a while.
I’ll add these guys to my list.


I plasma cut all those metals :wink: Not having the tool is no excuse for not buying the tool if it’s really cool :grin:

BTW, am I the only one who sees “Prices start at $29” in the thumbnail but their site says “$39”?


I remember! I am jealous of your plasma cutter. I don’t have an immediate need to cut metal but, would get one if I could get the equation with space, time and $$ to balance. :grinning:

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I saw the same, dislike it when they do that.

I really want to buy that tool but all the other stuff that goes with it (fumes, sludge disposal, power and space requirements) are a bit of a blocker right now. :-/

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I run mine in the garage so don’t have those issues. The water table helps with the fume issue a lot. If you don’t get the water table then the metal heats more and the fumes come up & around the part. With the table you get less fuming in the first place and the water captures that. It’s not like welding where it’s hard to mitigate. If I’m doing galvanized I do leave the garage door open.

I drain the water table into 2 Home Depot buckets. The dust and stuff that gets trapped by the water settles to the bottom so when I refill the table the next use I just leave the bottom inch of water in the bucket. Every couple of weeks I dump that and add some fresh water.

The power was a big one for me. I had to add a 50A 240V circuit. But I did that myself. Repurposed (moved) an old dedicated hot tub circuit we don’t use anymore. I also had to make a 50A extension cord so I can roll the cutter anywhere I want in the garage. It’s also handy for a spot welder I’ve added to the collection :slightly_smiling_face:

The table is 2x2 capacity but does have a bigger footprint. It’s about 6" larger in both dimensions to account for motor and gantry mounts. I can wheel it over to the side when I’m not using it. I’d never fit one of those big 4x4 or 4x8 tables (much less try to hoist a slab of steel that big).


Same here! I use the Glowforge to cut out an oversized template/contour, then I just take my hand plasma and run it on the inside of the template!


Good idea. What is it… anything under 30 amps is a drag tip? Mine is only 25 amp.

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Awesome use of both tools :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey you guys, quite talking about a plasma cutter. I still have to get my CNC router put together before I start thinking about another tool!:wink:


Quicker to put your plasma table together - no need to mess around with changing Mills during cutting projects :wink:


One of the best videos series I watched on YouTube is build series on a plasma table and the guy making an all steel version of a Fender Telecaster. He hasn’t published for a while, but that was when I first got the plasma bug in me.


Uh oh. Rabbit hole! :grinning:


it’s this same one, I won it in a contest:


Nice! :star_struck:

That was really good. I work the same way, no drawings, just the mental image of what needs doing.
Thanks for the link!

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