Cutting Multiple Pieces of Card Stock at Once

Hi All,
Has anyone ever cut multiple pieces of card stock at once, stacked on top of one another?
I am trying to cut around multiple big head shapes so it won’t be a complicated cut, pretty much a big circle.
The paper measures 330 GSM, so it is very thick card stock, thinking of stacking 5 of them on top of each other to cut through.
Any advice helps, thanks!

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Do not under any circumstances attempt this!

Doing so has caused fires in the past. Do not risk it.


Listen to the smart man above! The machine is pretty safe but there are a few things we’ve learned to avoid like the plage through the years and this is one of those.


Definitely a fire concern, but I’ve done 3 layers at once. I made a jig to hold 2x 8.5 x 11 sheets in the same place, over and over, and then magnets on the edge of the sheets and in the middle of the piece cut to keep fly-away from being an issue. And then watched every cut - I think cuts were ~60 seconds, maybe a bit more, so wasn’t that painful to stand by and make sure nothing happened. Ended up cutting out ~200 letters without any issues or going crazy. For me, I think 3 was the most reliable setting - too much inconsistency in the paper to get more than 3 without cranking up the power so much I ended up with too much smoke/char on the paper.

[Edited to add in a picture of the cut pieces - I made ~15 things like this]


The problem isn’t the thickness, it is the possibility of air in between. The slightest space between pages increases the fire risk exponentially.