Cutting non-proofgrade things, settings help

I’m very new to my glowforge, telling the machine what materials seems iffy but I’m sure I’ll get past this.

So I have a makeshift venting system that I wasn’t to change. I bought some thin Plexi that I can build into a frame and I was about to get the jigsaw out to cut the Plexi hole for the dryer vent housing and was like, duh, use this fancy cutter.

Is .05" so pretty thin, the frame should stiffen it up nicely but what power settings should I use? Obviously I know the depth but I down want to completely melt edges lol.

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Got some cast 0.060 that I use 225/100 to cut.
Some colored acrylics resist this though and miss full cut (barely), and final knife cutting is a pain.
So if in doubt I do 225/full instead of messing around, but need to mask the back so no flash char…


Thanks for the tip, there’s translucent masking on both sides, I feel it’s be sufficient but I could also lay down extra tape.

Is the masking actually plastic or is it a paper masking? Watch out if it is plastic as it could melt to the plexi. I had this happen once not knowing the back masking of the piece I was cutting was a plastic film.

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Yeah that plastic masking makes a mess.
Remove and replace, or just remove.

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