Cutting on Foam Board

Hello, has anyone tried cutting on a Foam Board? If so, What was the results? Thank you.

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I personally have not however check out the search feature. A quick look shows some discussion on it:


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As stated above, your best and fastest route to an answer is almost always the search function.


Yup - it works well, but keep in mind the foam will pull back behind the edges - the faster/hotter you go the more it will pull back so test until you have the fastest/coolest one that is effective!

(There are lots of settings on the forum, but no two seem to be identical :stuck_out_tongue: )
These are the ones I started with, but I don’t remember how I changed them cuz it’s been a while:


Hi @jwright – definitely have a look at previous conversations on this forum as mentioned above, but I’d also recommend this spreadsheet of community collected Glowforge settings:

It can be another good place to start with dialing in your settings for a new material.


Thank you.

Thank you so much!

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Just double checking - you don’t happen to be a political writer based out of the panhandle of Florida by any chance?

I shared one of mine (printed using the passthrough) here:

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