Cutting out cushion foam or packing foam

Anyone have any luck cutting this stuff? If so any recommended settings? Do you know if it would be safe?

Also separate question when writing a new post how to we add custom tags that don’t already exist? It seems like if the word does not appear I cannot add it. Sorry I am such a newbie perhaps I need to read about how to use the form.

Thanks for everyones help and suggestions!

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This is what I did so far not sure if its toxic to cut but its great for stencilling and Ikea has loads of it for free. Setting so far that worked pretty good was 500/90

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I highly recommend NOT cutting materials in the Glowforge that you do not know the material composition. Potentially not safe for you health-wise, and it’s not safe for your machine either.


Thanks for the info! What source can someone use when looking up a non proofgrade material for lasers?

Some sellers will have the SDS for a material on their site but usually if they’re the manufacturer also. Other times if it’s a common enough material a generic web search can get you by but usually try the manufacturer of a material. (Safety Data Sheet)

Oh that’s great thank you Wesley! I actually saw online on some sites said that this material is perfectly safe to cut through but I guess I need to do more research. In the mean time I found Bristol board much better to use for masking. Hopefully I will get to share a completed project soon.

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Regarding tags: that’s a Discourse issue (it’s the software this forum runs on). I’ve run across this issue before as well, and all I can say is try on a different browser or try logging off and logging back in. Sometimes it won’t let me create a tag on iOS but it will on MacOS. It’s not always consistent.

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