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Now we are trying to cut paper cards… but with papel not too thikness the cutted pieces blow away over not cutted area, and there is a mess…
I have experience in CO2 traditional laser cutter machines, and I simple adjust the air blow to the laser head and no problem.

In my great Glowforge I can’t control the air blow to an “normal amount for paper”. Does anybody that cut’s paper find the magic trick? or could the software team can ADD a parameter to control blower?

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No, we cannot control the air assist fan yet. For now, use something like a Seklema mat to hold the paper down while you are using the laser.


Alternative to the mat, use Krylon repositionable spray adhesive on a piece of cardboard or the like.

…an entirely different approach that I haven’t used yet myself is to “engrave” the paper instead, thereby vaporizing the areas that would have normally been cut away.


I have done it and it works great. Takes forever though.

Here’s an example:


I feel for you, I recently did 150 Save The Date Wedding Invitations. The biggest problem was pieces of the cut card stock would blow over to areas that had not been cut. The laser would go over the piece & not cut these areas. I just made sure to watch & then removed the pieces when it was done. I would then re-laser over these areas, Thank God I did not have too many re-lasers. I think the heavier the paper the less chance of piece blowing. At this time not sure what else can be done.

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solution copied from previous post at

Get some ‘Krylon Easy Tack’ (or equivalent) from Amazon or a local hobby store.

Take a cutting board board or a slab of plywood to make a tack board with. Less than 12x20 will allow you to nail it down to the crumb tray with magnets or pins (just make sure it is larger than material you will be working with).

Measure the board thickness. You will add this to the thickness of the material cut, and then continue to use the values you have found that cut the cloth nicely.
So if board is 0.180 and material is 0.020, then keep the cut, engrave, score values you have been using the same and just change thickness to 0.200. You have essentially raised the crumb tray by 0.180.

Spray the board with a light coating of the Krylon (will be good for several cuts sessions) and place into the glowforge. Flatten the material on the board (use magnets or pins on excess material to keep it from blowing around).

Cut, score etc. Replace materials for additional cuts. The cut sections should stay put and can be lifted and pulled off the tack when done.

Lot cheaper then a purchased mat, and can be easily replaced if mess up and chop it.


I have had success with power 30 speed 500 two pass. It cuts it enough that I have to push the small pieces out with out any ripping.


Thanks for those suggestions, everyone!

Thank you for your suggestion about control over the fan. We appreciate the feedback, and I’ve passed it on to the team.

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.