Cutting parts from a .stl or .obj


I am using Blender to design parts for rc planes and such. I have good luck printing them with a 3D printer but I have not figured out how to get the parts into a format that the Glowforge will accept.

3D FLATNED.obj (11.5 KB)

FLATNED.obj (11.5 KB)

Here are 2 examples of a character I would like to cut out. One is a 3D version the other is 2D. I tried Slicer for Fusion 360 but that did not work.


Obj files need to be converted - you can do that in Fusion 360. You can either create a sketch for each face and then Export a DXF file, which would then be opened in a file like Illustrator or Inkscape to convert it to an SVG file, or…there is a Shaper Utilities plugin for Fusion 360 that will export the faces as an SVG file.


Ha! one of the very very few times I have seen @Jules be wrong about anything.

Slicer will take .obj files directly, the problem is you have mangled files. I imported them into Fusion 360 and they are a mess. I’m not one that looks deep into a file like some here so I can’t tell you precisely how it is broken but it is.

I’m sorry I don’t know the first thing about Blender but I’d try saving as STL and see if it goes any better.
I think this might be like what I see sometimes with SVG. Some programs will save one way and another, another, both technically compliant but just won’t work together.


Now wait just a minute… :smile:


Blender does have the ability to export SVG files. I haven’t done it enough to tell you how to do it but if you do a Google search on Blender SVG export I think you’ll find some resources.

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I know Blender will import SVG files and my primary use so far is to output a PNG elevation map. Turning those into a an SVG in Inkscape and of course using the elevation map for a deep engrave.

Why does everything have to be so hard . . .

I am working with a new version of Blender that exports .obj files differently than the previous version. I figured this out today. I made the necessary change and it now seems 360 Slicer will handle it ok. I have to experiment now to see just how to get the cut I want.


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I will also experiment in Blender to try to get a .svg out.