Cutting Polyester Organza

One thing I have been excited to try with my GF is cutting fabric. I make doll clothes and doll clothes patterns for my business. Finding embellishments that are the right scale for dolls is tough.

I recently wanted to make some organza flowers for a doll gown I’m making. Cutting these by hand would be a tedious nightmare. And there would be no good way to seal the edges. GF to the rescue! Using this post as a guideline Settings: Silk, I cut hundreds of organza petals. I would not have been able to do this manually.

I photographed a few of the different sizes and shapes with a dime for reference and included a couple of the finished flowers.

And here is the work in progress gown:




That’s lovely!


Wow, I can’t imagine the work involved doing something like that by hand. (You need to show a few of the finished gowns too though…I’d like to see them.) :grinning:


If I ever get all this hand sewing done, I will!


Nice, and totally professional looking!

The fabric you used looks particularly fragile - perfect for lasing. Are you willing to share the GF settings you settled on?

How did you hold down the fabric in the chamber? I’m picturing the delicate flowers swirling around once they’re cut free :wink:


Organza is a real pain … so glad your Glowforge came to the rescue!

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Sorry I meant to put the settings in the original post. 200 speed, 1 power.

I sprayed a piece of 1/8 Baltic birch with Krylon Easy Tack to hold the fabric in place and prevent the cut flowers flying around. It works great and didn’t leave any residue on the fabric.