Cutting Polystyrene (shrinky dink) sheets--settings

I cut up polystyrene sheets (brand name shrinky dinks) for kids to color in and bake. Setting of 300 speed, 20 power 2 passes cut it out completely, 400 speed 20 power 2 passes left it so it could be easily punched out by hand. Depth is 0.01 inch. Very successful.


Oh good to know! :grinning:

I’m going to shift this to the Beyond the Manual section and tag it with Settings.

Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks for the settings! I have a bunch of these…hadn’t thought to try forging them’


Thank you. I have a piece I made where the pendant was made of shrinky dink. It was a rather elaborate piece, but my edges weren’t perfect. I have been wanting to redo the pendants which consisted of 2 trapezoidal shapes that created a collar like pendant and then protect them with a coating of resin, but I had not done so because I did not want to redo my awful cuts. This could make the difference.


Thanks. I had a friend asking about this exactly recently. I was only able to confirm apparently laser safe at the time, but nothing on settings.

Shrinky Dink now comes in several different styles including ink jet printer-friendly. I buy it at craft stores with a discount coupon so it’s a inexpensive way to mimic acrylic, plus it’s much more versatile when it comes to decorating. Has anyone tried to shrink the sheet BEFORE cutting with a Glowforge? Thanks!