Cutting SBR Rubber OK

I have a sheet of SBR rubber I would like to cut, but not sure if it will damage the glowforge . From what I understand it’s made of Styrene and butadiene, but again I am not sure if these are materials that are compatible with the glowforge.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I suggest searching ‘SBR MSDS’ for the specific flavor of this material you have. Scanned a few entries (seems to be several flavors of this) and none seemed overall safe.
Here are some highlights to let you see what I am talking about.
Your particular variety may be different.

Forced air and exhaust ventilation in work zones.
Compulsory monitoring of air conditions in work areas.
Sealing and grounding of equipment and communications.
Usage of intrinsically safe equipment.

Protective measures in fire:
Wear canvas protective suit, gloves, helmets, face shields, rubber or kersey boots, gas mask.
In proximity to fire wear full protective clothing and MSHA/NIOSH approved self contained breathing apparatus with full face piece operated in the pressure demand or other positive pressure mode


Those are two components in ABS plastic and we certainly don’t put that in our lasers.