Cutting/scoring shapes

When I insert a shape into my design space, how can I tell the glowforge to just score the inside parts and cut only the outer edge? I don’t want a bunch of pieces.

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Is the inside parts a different color from the outside? You need them to be different colors for the interface to recognize that they are separate functions. If you already did this, then the left side menu should show the different steps. Click on the inside parts and change the step to score. Usually my scores load into the interface as cuts, so they need to be changed.


No they are not different colors. I want to know how to change them to different colors. I know that I select the instructions on the left, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I want to score the inside of the shape and cut the outer edge.

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The colors would have to be done in your design software. I’m not sure what you you are working with since I cannot see the file. But maybe you can set the design to score in the interface and then create an outline in there to cut out the whole shape?


You do that in your design software. What program do you use? If you don’t use one, you should. Inkscape is free. The glowforge user interface can do a lot, design software can do it all.


All I have is a silhouette cutting machine. Is there another design software that’s easy to use for design dummies like me?

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You should be able to do it in the Silhouette software. I have the business edition; however, I almost never use it unless it’s just to upload a file to cut. I use mainly Inkscape, as @PrintToLaser mentioned. It is free. I find it much easier to use than Silhouette, but it’s probably because I learned Inkscape first and I don’t find the Silhouette software very user friendly.


Ok. I saw that about Inkscape and will download it when I get home from work.
I’m supposed to be able to do it in silhouette, so I’ve got to play around with it.
Thanks for your help


Good luck!

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How did it turn out using Inkscape?

I haven’t had time to try it out yet.

I use Silhouette software business edition for most of my work. You’ll need to ungroup to then select the inner parts and change their line color. You can export to sag in the business edition. (Also, it has to be your design. If it’s purchased from them … you need to buy the svg version to export svg without dotted lines.)

Thank you. I always buy the svg version but I still get the dotted lines.

The following site allows you to convert 10 files a day from .studio to .svg

No dotted lines.

Hope that helps.


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