Cutting shape out of photo in inkscape

Ok so if this has been covered I dont see it, so please forgive me if I have duplicated this. I have a photo, which I put into a new document on Inkscape. I draw a box and place it over photo, I use the clip/set command and crop the photo to fit my shape with the box being used as a score line around photo. When I upload this to GF it shows the whole photo still like I didn’t crop it ? Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Yeah this one is pretty well documented but not always easy to search for, there’s a trick to it.

The GF UI doesnt do clipping paths, as you know. Bummer, but at least we can get around it like so:

Clip your image.

Export the clipped image as a PNG. Be sure to set your resolution high enough so that you don’t lose data (600 dpi is usually plenty, but that’s up to you)

Re-import the newly clipped image back into your SVG. Align it with the existing art.

Optional: Delete the old underlying art and clip path.

Now you should have your clipped image and whatever other paths you need to do cutting etc.


appreciate your help thanks a million! have a customer wanting this today and been frustrated that I would have to redo the design…thanks and stay safe! If it weren’t for my GF I wouldn’t ever make this quarantine situation!


You know, if it’s just a rectangular cropped photo, you could crop it in your raster editor (photoshop, gimp, fast stone image viewer, etc etc) and then import that now-cropped photo into inkscape and draw a rectangle around it. It’s a much faster solution than the clip method. Clipping is good if you have a really complicated shape to cut out.


Actually I was doing that when I realized I was chasing my own tail a lot. Simply typing Alt+B will make a bitmap copy at the top of your Objects list. then do as you please. :grin:

Just be aware that bitmap copies are set to a resolution that I believe is configured in your preferences. This may result in a highly pixelated end result that may be unacceptable depending on your situation or needs.

I prefer the export process for two main reasons: the resolution is much easier to control, and it makes a copy of the rasterized image that I can edit or modify later.

Ah, there we go, here are the preferences in question:

When that is the default that is the image that shows up (apparently it defaults to the last used as I have not had that low res issue again) but what you are exporting and reimporting is that image already sitting in the correct place and scale of the old image.

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