Cutting stone

In case anyone is curious, I tried cutting stone and the result is kinda fascinating, though ultimately unsuccessful

That ~1/32nd of an inch (.8mm) of dark grey is 120 passes at 500/100
I did 1 pass, then 10, then 10 again, then 99
It’s definitely cutting, but the quartz was getting hot. After pulling it out I discovered it had also gotten brittle, like “I could crack off a piece at the cut with no effort” brittle

A single cut makes a nice deep engrave though!

Which might be useful to know: 500/100 there too


Crystalline/vitreous stuff tends to fracture under heat stress, so maybe not all that surprising in hindsight. I gotta say that I wouldn’t have guessed you could do much damage at all to quartz, so this is pretty interesting.

I wonder if that means if you did it pass/pause/pass/pause ad nauseum if it wouldn’t get brittle…