Cutting Styrene or 3-6mm thick plastic

Has anyone tried cutting thin plastic (ABS/PLA/Styrene) on the Glowforge…? if so what settings did you use?

I am wanting to make custom model parts on the GF out of differing grades of plastic (not proof grade materials) and would like some settings/advise/help on what the right settings would be.


Here you go, you’ll like #6:

Oh also #4 will be useful.


Thanks! I appreciate the link

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I don’t think styrene is recommended, you could give Delrin a try if acrylic won’t do it for you.

Thanks Cynd, I will go look it up. Im not familiar with that material. Basically, I am looking to make custom model pieces in plastic and need the printer to cut thinner plastics that can be glued with a CA glue and paintable.

In that case you might want to look into PETG, which cuts nicely and comes in thinner sheets. It’s what they’ve been making face shields out of. Unfortunately Delrin is pretty resistant to gluing.


Thanks again Cynd,
I will go check it out. Im used to that for my other 3D printer. never occurred to me to look for it in sheets.

Thanks so much for all of your help.

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