Cutting thin card

I am in the process of cutting card, but am concerned it might affect the laser as anything that is not proofgrade means it will not be under warranty. Has anyone had any experience cutting thin card? I am hoping to score a design as well as cut the card.

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If the GF breaks while cutting non-PG materials and it wasn’t due to the materials then the warranty still applies. If you cut something that causes a fire and not able to put it out then obviously it’s on you. If you cut an unapproved material such as PVC which creates an acid when cut, the inside of the GF will corrode over time and that’s on you. There are other examples of items you should not cut. Paper is cut quite often but monitor the unit for possible but unlikely flare-ups.

This topic might get moved because safety is not discussed anywhere other than Beyond the Manual.


What @rpegg said.

As for cutting “card”, try searching the forum for two things:

“Cardstock settings” and “paper settings”.

Get a drink first, you’ll have hours of reading if you go down the rabbit hole. This topic has been discussed at length.


Ditto for @rpegg.

chipboard, or card stock like a cereal box or pasta box cuts very well. You shouldn’t have any problem. Do some tests after reading .

Watch it carefully and ensure you don’t burn through and start a fie by accidentally setting the laser too high, especially if you have cuts/scores close together.


Thank you for all the advice!

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