Cutting through multiple sheets of substrate at once

Just curious, has anyone tried cutting through more than one piece of any particular substrate at a time, and if so, have you had any success?

Particularly curious about paper/cardstock, and 1/8" hardwood.


Never a good idea to try to cut stacks of paper or cardboard. The air in between the layers feeds the flame and it can get out of control on you. At the very least, you’ll get a lot of additional charring. At worst…:fire: :open_mouth:


I think power high enough to cut multiple eighth inch pieces would burn edges more and give a wider kerf. Probably the same with card stock.
I have test cut through 1/2" oak, but it was fugly.


Yeah, you’ve both confirmed what I assumed would be the case, I was just being hopeful. :slight_smile:

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I accidentally cut two sheets of PG veneer at once because they came from the factory glued together.


Well THAT is a really important warning. Is that in the manual too?


It is, in fact:

  • Do not stack materials; for example attempting to cut two or more sheets of material at a time. Multiple sheets are more likely to burn.

Everybody reads all their manuals cover-to-cover, right? I’m surely not strange…


Multiple times! :smile:


I cut 5 sheets of paper at a time, but the bottom sheet is always sacrificial. I hold the paper down with magnets to keep things in place.


Of course, but usually after doing something that results in a lot of expletives and confusion.

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You are lucky to be alive.

Word is, you should never cut more than one layer at a time, unless it’s plywood with paper masking glued on both sides, then it’s OK and encouraged. If you plan to cut cardboard, delaminate it first, cut the layers separately, re-corrugate the middle layer, then reglue it.

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The manual advises against this, so I’m moving to Beyond the Manual.