Cutting vinyl sticker sheets

thanks for the information.
my next question is how can i engrave kitchen knives , or metal inparticular"?

You will need a marking agent such as Cermark. Metal cannot be engraved, only marked. Use the search function of this forum. Lots of posts about metal, knives, etc.

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May be a little late to the game, but offers a laser able vinyl. if you don’t have a vinyl plotter, this works quite well as long as you’ve dialed in the settings. You can get it here… CAD-CUT® UltraWeed™ Heat Transfer Vinyl | Stahls’ . It’s made of Polyurethane and is laser compatible. For Settings I use a power of 300 and speed of 20 on the Score setting. Works pretty well. Now I just need to mess with the etching settings to create finer detailed images.