Cutting vinyl

never going to do it again. how do i delete this thread?

Vinyl records is not recommended. Bad for you and bad for your GF. (I believe it creates chlorine gas.)


:skull::skull_and_crossbones: Please Do Not Do This! :skull_and_crossbones::skull:

… but if you do, can you leave me your Glowforge in your will?


While you haven’t completely invalidated your warranty, for example glowforge couldn’t claim a failed power supply resulted from this, you’ve probably invalidated some of it by posting this.

You may also want to wipe down the insides of your glowforge with a mixture of water and baking soda.

I would proceed with vinyl record art by using the glowforge to make masks (for sandblasting engraves) and jigs for the mechanical cutting of records.

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Sorry for the large text…I’m going to make sure this is understood clearly:

Engraving or cutting vinyl records with a laser is dangerous.

You can damage the metal parts of the machine with the highly corrosive chlorine gas it creates, and worse, can do permanent damage to your lungs.

The picture on the left is what the result of lasering PVC (like vinyl records) does to the metal in a laser.

(Image courtesy of American Laser Welding)


No telling if it was enough to damage your exhaust fan, but from what I’ve read, the possibility of damage after only one exposure is kind of high. Wipe down whatever you can reach. :disappointed_relieved:


i didn’t realize it would harm the machine i will not do it anymore for sure!


I guess that means I will not inherit this machine :frowning:

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one more horror pic for good measure.
I would rename and move this thread to “Beyond the Manual” ASAP if I were you. where supposedly they “do not monitor the thread”.


Afraid that isn’t going to gain anything or I would have suggested it… they will be able to spot damage from HCL by examining the machine if it should have to be returned.

That kind of damage isn’t covered by the warranty. :confused:


you didn’t need to delete the original post or the thread. it’s one more opportunity for someone to find this information from searching the forums and it make keep them from making the mistake.