Cutting within an hour of delivery!


I decided to do something different for my first print, so tried out the keychain . It came out beautifully


Looks perfect! Congrats on getting your Glowie! :grinning:


I use mine all the time. Comes in handy when you go material hunting. Congrats!
Looks like the inside of the letters needs some weeding there. I completely missed that on my print. Found them in my pocket a few days later.


Welcome! Try some Gorilla tape to save your fingernails when weeding. Can’t wait to see what else you make!


Congratulations!!! Glad you’re up and running!


Where can I find the file for this? I’ve seen people post their prints of it, but never knew where the file came from.


It’s called the “Gift of Good Measure” and it should be one of the files in your Dashboard. (freebie from Glowforge)


Thanks, somehow I managed to miss that all of this time. I found it.