Cuttle Envelope FTW!

I needed an envelope for a gift for a friend, and leave it to Cuttle to not only have one, but make it so easy to modify it to fit!

After creating it in Cuttle, I moved it to Inkscape to make it more trapezoidal so it just fit my gift - and then split it so it would cut on two pieces of 8.5x11 cardstock. I used strips of the 3M tape to attach the flaps to the base, and then to seal the envelope. Easy peasy. The longest part of the job was engraving the note :slight_smile:

This is what I ended up with, in case anyone needs to gift someone a scaled down version of the Necklace Jewelry Display Stand :slight_smile:

Large Envelope_final

PS. PG Cardstock settings worked like a charm to give me something that was completely cut out, but with just a hair of attachment so it didn’t fall out until I punched it out :slight_smile: The line around the big P is the PG score setting, but with the height set to a manual .25" to get an unfocused score.

*edit - a short while later I did another one out of a dark dark blue and it probably should have had the power bumped up a point or two - there was definitely more ripping when I popped things out!


Nice! Custom gift wrap in a snap!


Love it! Thanks for the share!


Oooo, very classy!


Good job splitting it. I am always surprised how much material boxes and envelopes take up.


Nice job! I love making my own envelopes.