Cyberpunk Implant

Hey Glowfolk. Long time no post! It’s been a crazy few months and I haven’t had much time for the Glowforge, sadly.

However, there is this one project that I keep forgetting to share. So here it is.

I posted a while back about Join the Resistance: Immersive Cyberpunk Game.
My friend wanted some Cyberpunk brain implants to use for the event. I told him of course I could make them on the Glowforge!

I sketched out a quick design!

Then I made a better sketch on inkscape, because free hand drawing is not my forte.

We went with a 3mm adhesive backed EVA foam for the base. And some Proofgrade florescent green acrylic for some circuits.

I believe this is the EVA he purchased.

Once that came in, I did some testing. Once I got some settings that looked good, I made a Narwhal, because that’s what I always make as a final test of my settings!

My initial prototype I made. Those who are keeping score: from crappy sketch to Inkscape to prototype 1, about an hours worth of work.

I have been assimilated!

And an appropriate filter.

There were a few design changes, and then we ended up with this! I’m not sure if you can notice it, but there is a tiny “philips screw” engraved in the bottom left. It took a bit more experimentation to get that to show up, but it worked!

Here’s the final product, after painting.

And here’s my friend and his wife, day of the event. It came out great!

If you are in the Boston area and want to take part in one of his immersive games, then check out his facebook Page. Curious Experience Design

I’m going to need to do more with this EVA foam! Happy Forging!


Very cool! (Although I have to admit, the narwhal is still my favorite!) :smile:


The question is, what functionality does it add to the cyberpunk? :wink:

Super cool job.


Clever work! Thanks for the detailed writeup.


Very neat project. It’s fun to do a project for a request.


Would be fun to add an actual hearing aid that sits glued to the forehead and wired to the ear. Would be lots of fun on the job around the watercooler.

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