Cylindrical structure


Experimenting with different types of structures this week, this is the latest:


Assembling the last pieces was difficult. If I did it again I’d loosen up on my tolerances to make it easier to build. Total of 36 pieces of 1/8” Baltic birch. No glue. Very sturdy, could easily be adapted into a light shade. This sort of structure could scale very well, could probably triple in diameter without going to 1/4”, after that weight might be an issue. Slot geometry is tricky to work out, but worked on the first try.


Really nice! Agreed a light shade could be in its future.


Or, scaled up a table base with a SO. Very nice!


Interestingly, the least sturdy axis “along the cylinder” (vertical compression in the pictures). It can compress pretty easily, and I would imagine you would crack the wood with a surprisingly small amount of force.


Too bad…It would make a cool table base. (Gluing it might stabilize it.) :grinning:


Gluing might… a stabilizing ring inside at the “waist” definitely would. Basically you need to convert it to triangles instead of diamonds, and a slotted ring at the waist that interlocks with the model would do it. Might be worth a try if I return to the project. :slight_smile:


Neat! The first photo’s shadow is just too cool!


I love these kind of structures!
Way back I was playing with one piece flexible meshes. They ended up being quite strong.


Back at it again, amazing every time!


Did you curve each piece? I have been playing a lot with trying to get 3d stuff from 2d objects. As far as strength goes… think yurt!




Your designs blow me away! Not to mention your photography skills.