D&D Airship from Storm King's Thunder

I am currently DMing SKT and felt like it needed a playable model for my gaming table. I feel like I need to work a little more at this to get some things correct or more fun detail. I am open to suggestions.

  1. I left out any furniture, so more customization can be added with a pencil. It is made on draftboard.
  2. I still need to make the Harpoon Gun and Rear Ballista as separate models, 2D models.
  3. The bottom measurements are also slightly off.
  4. Planning on working with some magnets to attach the runners and top deck.
  5. Maybe add some acrylic in for the fire elemental furnace and the air elemental propeller.
  6. I plan on posting this on the free area once it is complete to my satisfaction.

Thank you in advance.


Nice, there have been a few other d&d ship projects if you hunt around the forum. I like your take.


I might have been one of those posts when I made a galley type ship out of some scrap wood.


Awesome design, I particularly like the runners on the side.