D&D Class Tokens

So I’m browsing Pinterest for ideas for my next session of D&D and I come across some amazing looking class symbols! Naturally I saved the pin and downloaded the picture but about an hour later when I went to work on it the pin was gone(this isn’t that supprising for Pinterest if you’ve been on the site longer then a minute). The photo I got required a bunch of node manipulation once I had converted the low res image, but in the end in pretty stoked about the results!

I’m sharing the file for personal use only as
I was unable to find the original artist for crediting. Personally I cut them for little Christmas gifts for my players. Warlock has 2 types (both have the octopus tentacles).

D&D class token


I don’t play D&D, but the tokens are beautiful. Nice paint job.


That can be fixed! :slight_smile:

As for the tokens, nice color work.

I like to use stuff like this as inspiration coins. My players always forget they have inspiration, and you can’t have more than one so it’s a good idea to use it sooner than later. Having a physical token is a good reminder.

Also custom dice boxes engraved with character specific art were a huge hit. I actually made them in-game magic items too. The players lost their minds on that one :slight_smile:


These turned out really nice. Thanks for the share!


Awesome! I don’t play either, never have, but I have always been fascinated by it. The coloring turned out amazing!


Thank you! And absolutely!

Thank you! I’ve been running a group for almost 4 years now

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