D&D Game Board

My son showed me some D&D board designs that he found online and asked if I could make one. We went back and forth with design ideas and this is what we came up with. All of the parts are removable. The bottom right

rectangle will be customized for each player. I drew the dragon that wraps around the left.
I used unfinshed Baltic Birch. The plan is to let everyone paint/ stain / color their own board so that they are original to them.
This is the first one that I finished. It was really late last night and the masking is still on it.
The board is 8x10 with a piece of draftboard underneath. The things that will get changed frequently will be glued to another piece so they will be double tall and easy to change out. I have already cut out bunches and bunches of the Stat and AC tokens so they are ready whenever something needs changed.
It was really fun working with my son on this! I am also thrilled that I started learning to draw about 2 years ago and could do this dragon :slight_smile:


Great collaboration.


Looks great and your dragon is awesome!


Nice job on the dragon! How nice to work on this with your son!


Nice project, great results.


The whole thing is great but the dragon is the best part!


Nice dragon! Time to play test it and figure out what you want to tweak next.

May I suggest that instead of gluing doubled parts together for extra height, try cutting a half circle into the sides of the larger removable pieces so you can easily stick a finger or pen tip in the side to flip it out. And for the small ones, get some sticky veneer to make your life easier!


This design is pretty cool. I think it would work really well as an engraved whiteboard too, where you can write values in.


I like this, but I am not sure what all the numbers are for? Are the numbers in the dragon for Skill checks? There don’t seem to be enough for all of the skills, but I don’t know what else you would use them for.

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The numbers across the top are Stats - Strength, Dexterity, Constitution.
The numbers that the dragon is “cuddling” are just holes in the board to hold the dice. Those numbers will be used for Stats as the player stats change.
I have so many extras of those…
The diamond type shape above the list of skills is the proficiency, the arrow is the Initiative and the space to the right of it is a hole to hold the d20 for the initiative.


I made a whiteboard for a different D&D game that we got to test out yesterday with Dragonlance. Everyone goes at the same time, but the round is divided in 3 parts. You write the action that you will do in the 3 boxes at the bottom.