D&D/Roll Playing Initiative Tracker

Inspired by a bunch of different designs, here’s my take on an initiative tracker

This is what the design looks like:
and the file is here: Initiative Tracker.zip (6.2 KB)


Neat idea! E. Gary Gygax would be proud!


awesome build.


thanks for the file.


Cool idea! I can imagine a few other uses too…

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I was thinking that it’s useful for any sort of order tracking - h*ll I could use it on Turkey day to track what goes in the oven in what order!


Do the pieces just balance? or snap in? looks like it could use magnets :slight_smile:

They just sit on each other - it’s possible to make one slide off the one below it, but it takes luck (bad presumably).
It was pointed out last night that with a 2nd base you could turn it sideways so the pieces slid in downward instead of sideways…I may add that option :slight_smile:

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Fun design! I love a good D&D accessory!

In the small print of the file, it states, “Use alcohol to clean off marker.” If the tracker is made of acrylic, I believe use of alcohol for cleaning might make the acrylic brittle.

It can, but it’s not like there’s a lot of stress on the acrylic so for the advantage of write-on/wipe-off it’s worth it :slight_smile:

Not so much brittle but crazing can occur. Different acrylics have different levels of tolerance of alcohol tolerance depending on the chemical composition of the acrylic and the manufacturing stresses embedded in the sheet. Isopropyl alcohol seems to have more crazing effect than denatured alcohol.

Dry erase might be best idea for writing on acrylic to help with the break down of the composition of it. There are sharpie versions to cut down on letter thickness! And maybe something could be incorporated to hold the marker to the holder as well? Thanks for the share, though! Great design! Never would have thought to make my players accountable :wink: