D&D Tomb of Annihilation puzzle tiles


The current campaign that I am playing in D&D Adventure League is the Tomb of Annihilation. I won’t go into detail in case some of you have not played it yet, LOL, but if you have you’ll recognize these pieces. They’re supposed to be Cubes but the tiles are smaller and easier to carry

Just using my laser to make our quest a bit more hands on. :grin:

I had planned on etching the tile similar to the ceramic tiles but for some reason these actually just melted and glazed into a white coating.

Each tile is just shy of 2" and I put a thin foam backing on each to keep it from scraping each other.


Those look great! What a treat for everyone who gets to play.


Well, that’s cool! :sunglasses:


Oooooo, nice! Does the open mouth hole have a purpose in the game? Or would that be giving away too much.


As of right now, I don’t know…lol. It was hard not to read ahead as I was getting the rune symbols…no fun if you know what’s coming…and we’ve only gotten 2 of the tiles so I didn’t even want to look at the names…lol


Wow, That’s from Tomb of Horrors waaaaaayyyyyyy back in the day. Awesome! And your set turned out Great!! Nice job.


I know…it was inspired by Tomb of Horrors… I’m just waiting for my DM to say we all have to play a game of joust LOL. (Referenced from the book Ready Player One where it was a featured part…)


Amazing! You made that artwork look amazing.


I bet that rabbit has a mean streak a mile wide.

Sorry for mixing geek references. Or not.


They turned out great … Love the tiles especially.


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