D-Link camera for monitoring my GF


I use my iPad with Wyze cam a fair amount. Somewhat bigger than a phone.


If only I could convince someone to send me a free IPad so I could check it out :rofl:


They have android 10-1\2" screens in the $30 dollar range. I paid $34 for one that you could supposedly use as a phone as well but have not found a carrier to use it with though theoretically I could have two different phones on the one tablet.

Looking on Wish I see one for $45 that is like mine. Even if not latest tech (probably why the phones part does not work) it is still the tablet I use most.


If you have an older smartphone, just set it up on wifi and use any number of video chat apps to call yourself on another device.

I’m an iPhone guy and have several older models that still work just fine. Another great use, for example, on a trip thru Italy last year, I loaded up Google Maps with offline (cached) maps of the areas and specific destinations we were going to explore, and used that phone as our GPS…


Link plz, I have many uses for an inexpensive screen like that!




You have to sign up to browse that site, no thanks.


Doesn’t mean you have to be accurate. I keep a throwaway email just for such spam, but you do need correct information to have something shipped to you.


Also it’s DANGEROUS. You can find some really good deals (also some really crappy junk, if you’re not careful). I got a cool nebula print for my office, a bunch of stick-on-the-wall quotes and designs to dress up some of the empty spots on the walls, some magnetic butterflies to scatter around for kids to spot and count so they don’t get bored in the waiting room, USB plug-in adaptors for the USB LED lights and cables I like to use in my edge-lit thingies, a cute denim jacket and some purple hair coloring for my dog (he looks really cute with purple ears!), some dusting mitts for our vehicles…yeah. Dangerous!


Yeah, that is just what I need. Something else to help me spend when there are important things like cameras, tools, and other toys.

I try to stay off of eBay for just that reason too :slight_smile:

BTW, if you ever do the purple hair with a moosed mohawk on the dog we’ll need pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


I bought a number of things particularly early on that were much cheaper than they are now even a few were not as I thought but on net the use I have received has been greater than it would have cost. The tablet itself was a great disappointment that I could not make it a phone and I have another tablet and now a phone too but that gets used the most.

Also, my Paypal account pays all those bills and gets regular additions from previous work so all the spending is Langyapp anyway.


pm me - ways to make a tablet a phone…


Lagniappe - it’s such a beautiful word :smiley:


Wyze people:

Can you view the live feed from more than one device at a time?

Can you view the live feed from outside your local network? Like if I leave it running and go out, can I watch the live feed from my phone on the road? (not that I want to do that with the GF, but more like if I want a door cam or a dog cam.)


You can view it outside your local network. Not sure on the more than one at a time.


Only have one, but I’m getting more, will let you know. You definitely can get notifications from any one you own. And yes outside your network.


No I mean can two people with 2 phones view the same camera at the same time?


I’ll test and let you know. As far as I can tell if you log into the same account you can see… Since its just me I haven’t played with other users.


Under the same account I was able to watch the camera on both (two different iOS)
devices at the same time with no real lag, but right now I am on the local wifi. will have to test later with pure cell access


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