D-Link camera for monitoring my GF

I thought I’d share this in case someone is needing something similar. My GF is in a different room and I wanted a relatively inexpensive way to monitor it. I got a little D-link DCS-936L for $40 and it’s working great. I liked the small puck design and I’ve just been laying it flat on the GF lid for a nice view of the bed. You can view the live video on your cell or computer and it can record as well. I’m addicted to sitting in another room and watching it zap back and forth now. :smile:

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Oh…excellent timing! I had a little baby monitor on mine, but it died a couple months back…I need to grab one of these…it looks like a better picture.


That’s funny! I was standing in the baby monitor isle yesterday trying to convince myself to fork over $80 for one when a clerk mentioned checking the home-security isle. Wallah, several nice little cameras to choose from for less! I’m glad I went with the puck design that can lay flat. I’ll probably design some little frame for it or something, but I don’t think it’s really necessary. I has a surprisingly nice picture too.


Yeah, if I’d had that monitor on a baby, I’d have been pretty hot at how long it lasted…not a happy camper over that one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Jules sometimes you create such images


Oh my gosh…how did you ever find that? :joy:

The reviews for this on Amazon are subpar. Seem to imply that you cannot use Chrome or Firefox to view the live video stream. Is that true? :sunglasses:

Don’t know yet, but I have to use an IE extension on my Chrome browser to view the cameras for my Amcrest system since they did away with NPAPI too, so I imagine I can work around it. (It is a bit of a pain in the tush.)

Would be really nice if any of them updated once every three years or so.

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It works fine in Chrome, but not Firefox. (The still picture I posted in from the live video viewed in Chrome.)

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Google baby monitor and you are as likely to find exotic pet stores as camera shops.

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My personal favorite right now is Wyze Cam, most bang for the buck. https://www.wyzecam.com/product/wyze-cam-v2/ for a fixed and https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam-pan/ for a pan tilt.

Cheaper on their web site than Amazon, but they won’t ship outside the US for free…


Another vote for Wyze; I use one to monitor my 3d printer during long jobs (I’m one of those people that insists on remaining within arm’s reach of the laser when it’s cutting). It’s a quick easy camera, and the app is competent.

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Would you folks be kind enough to let me know the minimum focus distance for those cameras? Like, how close can you get before text gets blurry, etc? I need a cheap, movable wi-fi camera for various things including the Glowforge and the ability to focus on close-up objects would be a very nice addition.

They are both 1080p, and have 8x digital zoom. 15 days free cloud storage and Micro SD card local storage (card extra $10)

Here are the specs for the PAN: https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam-pan/specs/ @$29

Specs for V2 : https://www.wyzecam.com/wyze-cam/specs/ @$19

Photos are about 8" away, not bad from my perspective given the intended purpose of the cameras…


@bkressley @martin.anderson: I have all three WyzeCam models (v1, v2 and pan). Great value, easy to setup and use, excellent camera resolution, BUT…

As you know, one can only view images using a mobile device using the Wyze “app” (e.g., Android phone) and NOT with a PC using a Web browser. In the case of a Glowforge being able to open a browser window to monitor the laser cutting would be ideal. [sigh]

One day (I hope) the Wyze folks will listen to us and fix that! :sunglasses:


This is the dlink at about 1.5 to2 inches away. 34400734_2018-10-13_12-43-01

About 4" away


That looks like a good deal for $20. It’d be nice if they get it working on a PC though, I need a big screen.

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To me given all the other features, smoke detector alerts, tracking, two-way mike speaker, zones for the Pan. Browser integration was low on my list. I have android/iPhone devices all over the place. IFTTT integration was important / Alexa less so. The app is feature rich, they keep innovating and they wrote their own firmware from scratch.

I monitor a young puppy with motion and sound alerts, the ability to scold her from the camera is priceless :sunglasses:


Thanks @kittski and @bkressley!


If you have a miracast enabled monitor (or adapter), you can cast your Android app image to the large monitor.

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